Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Viacom is Successful in 2011 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Viacom is Successful in 2011 - Case Study Example From this point, Viacom would have entirely taken a number of steps and guidelines in its acquisition so as to create better synergies. First and for most, Viacom had to stick to most of the established strategic goals and objectives including its vision that aims towards becoming a globally content provider. This could be done through ensuring that all the financial services have been duly delivered to customers. The other factor that was extremely necessary was the aspect of detailed planning. Here, planning can be taken to encompass cost saving (hard synergy) and revenue enhancement (soft synergy). Cost saving basically has to do with the aspects of redundancies such as the logistics, production, admin, among others, while Revenue enhancement on the other hand has to do with the aspect of cross-selling as well as strength-weakness and strength-strength matching (Hietala, Kaplan, et. al, 2002).   In summary, the ultimate cornerstones of for Viacom’s creation of better synergies can be taken to include the setting up of comprehensive and extensive strategies in terms of revenue enhancement and financing, beefing up operations through cross referencing and joint contracts acquisition, establishment of advanced management and ICT systems, and finally the aspect of establishing an outstanding culture that will enhance massive co-operation at the management

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