Monday, November 18, 2019

Communication Skills in a Cross-Culturally diverse Workplace Research Paper

Communication Skills in a Cross-Culturally diverse Workplace - Research Paper Example It means languages and gestures alone can have effects on people from various cultures. In today’s business environment employees ought to be cautious to make sure that their intended information are comprehended plainly. Forbidden topics of discussion, impartiality in political, spiritual and social topics vary across cultures thus creating a challenge for workmates to find a level ground when conversing. Not long ago it was a common practice for business practitioners to create their distinct communication methods in handling suppliers, customers and partners. However presently corporate mangers must take the initiative to learn the cultural differences among their organizations before trying to build a relationship with individuals from other nations. For example a Texan oil baron has to recognize that grabbing his Chinese suppliers arm in a solid grasp is a bad gesture however a slight smile and bow are the suitable mode of greeting. David (2010) notes that body language and verbal communication are more crucial today than before in handling global business because innocent mannerisms, handshakes, and posture can lead to conflict between employees from different cultures of business associates. When change is taking place in an organization communication is further more necessary to carry out that change efficiently. Yet one major issue for present businesses is that transformation is not always relayed effectively. Poor communication during business transformation is said to have a negative impact in the manner in which organizations operate Zaremba (2003). For instance poor communication can lead to opposition to transformation also act as wider harmful influence on business culture? The objective of this research paper is to examine effective transformation communication in the work environment. Regardless of the significance of communication to prosperous business change, how practitioners and experts visualize

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