Friday, December 6, 2019

The Sams Club Translator free essay sample

The Saturday afternoon is warm and Sam’s Club is packed with busy shoppers ready for a summer barbecue. â€Å"Do we have to go today?† I complain to my mother as she locks the car doors. I despise having to go to an eye doctor appointment especially at the start of the summer break. I could be at home catching up on my sleep that I’ve missed during the entire school year. Instead my mother and I go through the normal routine: get the examination and pick the glasses we want. While attempting to put in new contact lenses, my mother calls me from afar, â€Å"There’s a woman here who speaks Spanish, practice your Spanish.† I look behind her and see a blurry figure sitting down, waving to me. I lightly smile and wave back, â€Å"Mom, I’m busy right now,† I whisper. She returns talking to the woman while I struggle to pop the contact lenses in my eyes. We will write a custom essay sample on The Sams Club Translator or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page My mom calls my attention again, â€Å"Jessica, I don’t think she speaks English. Talk to her.† I don’t want to speak Spanish because I’m afraid that I’ll say the wrong words or I’ll get confused because my understanding is limited, but I stood up and introduced myself to her. Her name is Carmen †¦good start. â€Å"Ma’am, May I help you?† the assistant asks. Turning around, I say, â€Å"She doesn’t speak or understand English.† The assistant nods and asks, â€Å"Does she have anyone to translate for her?† Asking Carmen, I then respond, â€Å"No, but she said her niece is coming within 45 minutes to help her.† The assistant grabs the phone and calls the manager to see if there are any Spanish workers available, â€Å"Well, the doctor is leaving soon and there’s no one here to translate for her. Do you think you can help her?† Hesitantly accepting to be the translator, I start by g oing through Carmen’s medical history. Back and forth, questions and answers are being interpreted. My mind feels like scrambled eggs! My hands are shaking and voice is trembling as I struggle forming the correct verb conjugations and saying Spanish words correctly. I wish that I’d carried a Spanish dictionary with me or downloaded a translation app on my phone! Carmen was then called to the examination room where the doctor realized that she had a student translator to help interpret directions. After the hectic process of translating, Carmen and I had time for an interesting conversation about Hispanic singers we liked. Before Carmen and her niece left and thanked me, Carmen and I exchanged numbers so we could practice together another time. â€Å"Thanks for helping us. You did well! How long have you been taking Spanish?† The assistant asks. â€Å"Thanks! I’ve only taken 4 years,† I say. After translating for Carmen, I have learned that speaki ng a new language has allowed me to help a patient, an assistant and a doctor. I have realized that I had broken the boundaries of communication. The one class in school I merely thought I had to ace was the one subject I was able to apply in a real life situation. Instead of taking 4 years of Spanish I have taken 6 years of Spanish, so I could have a deeper connection with people I may meet in the future. I am truly grateful for this exhilarating experience and the ability to learn a new language.

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